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Downstairs Loft Creative, LLC

At Downstairs Loft Creative I offer professional, digital photography and post editing services to further enhance the look of your custom designed website. If your business website demands a whole new image make-over, simply needs updated product, artwork, or interior architectural shots, I do it all!

Like all great designs, form and function play an essential roll for today's web developers to conquer. Simply designing a picture perfect web site is just the beginning. Search Engine Optimization, also known as S.E.O., is all we hear about today. Unless you already have a well-established national brand name, your business will need the assistance of today's search engines in order for new clients to find you. Pay-per click is certainly a great option for most start-up businesses, but ultimately having your site rank high organically on a search engine page is the ultimate goal, thus there is no extraneous expense to your business' advertising budget. That all said, there are millions of websites that search engines pass up on simply because the underlying content in the HTML code is out of place or non-existent. At Downstairs Loft I know how to create that cohesive bond between visuals and content that search engines feed on.

There's much discussions these days amongst web developers with regards to designing a site that reads effectively on both desktop computer monitors versus the ever growing mobile device sizes. Screen sizes can both positively and negatively affect how your site looks when viewed on all the varying devices. To throw more curve balls at developers are the numerous Internet browsers, all having their own individual quirks when interpreting HTML code. At Downstairs Loft Creative, I can create a "fluid web layout" that will automatically sense what device and browser the user is working with and respectively shuffle its contents around. Since the vast majority of websites out there lack this critical base function, it's imperative that your website be engineered with this "best practice" development feature.

I offer "made-from-scratch" original graphics & illustrations. From email signature logos to Times Square digital billboard displays, it's important to start with the right design and the correct file format; a file that will allow for the various size conversions. I'll get you going in the right direction.

Site analytic reports can provide your company with the detailed information needed to make better e-commerce decisions. Simple page counters aren't going to give you any meaningful data on who your customers are, what time of the day they visit, from what specific geographical location they're in, which page they entered/exited on, what key words, phrases or search engines where used, how long they stayed on each page...the list goes on. I can set you up to receive these invaluable "real-time" analytics reports with ease.

Social media can provide a great way to get your message or product out there. A social media plug-in can create a simple button on your web page that will allow users to share what they like about your business with others. This may seem trivial to some, but who would turn down free brand or product exposure?

Email marketing campaigns over the years have been bastardized by the barrage of tactless spammers. The truth is, your customers do want to hear about upcoming happenings and special promotions, just not seventeen times a week! I can create for you, an effective and polished HTML based email campaign that will please your already established clientele.

The Internet is an ever changing technological macrocosm with fresh ideas and new trends popping up at an exponential pace. As of 2014, nearly one third of the world's 7 billion populous are now accessing the Internet. Your website must keep up with the the times to stay relevant. I will be happy to re-work your outdated existing website or create an entirely new one. Additionally, I offer 7 days a week support for all your unanticipated updates..

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"Home-Made" Creative Web Designs

Do you want fast food, or do you want someone to put a little love into your meal? Website design is no different. There are a multi-gazillion (I know, non-scientific word) "build-your-own" server-based, content manged, dashboard controled websites out there that will do just a website that looks just like the others. Shouldn't your website truly represent the basic, fundamental, rudimentary and proverbial rules of attraction? Let's cut to the chase..."looks mean everything!" Right?

If you're going to invest all your time and money in a business, why on Mars would you find it plausible to settle for a generic template design? Unless you're operating a speakeasy, you want to get noticed. At Downstairs Loft Creative I have a very simple philosophy: engage my clients and develop a visual platform which truly represents both in depiction and literary representation, what their company's product, culture and vibe is all about. Your website should be the next best thing to scratch n' sniff wallpaper!

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Responsive Page Layouts

How long did it take everyone to understand what those annoying black bars on the top and bottom of our TV screens were, when we first rented a director's cut home video? Known as "Letterboxing," this technique is the only way to display, on a narrower aspect ratio television screen, a film shot in widescreen for theater use. Simply put, it's all about fitting a rectangle into a square; vice-versa.

Web designers of today have to contend with a similar issue with respect to page layout. It was only a few years back that we all had one aspect ratio for computer monitors. Now, we have a plethora of devices, varying in sizes and aspect ratios from giant desktop displays, iPads, tablets, and more smart phones than anyone can count. To further complicate things, web designers must also consider whether a device will be in a portrait or landscape orientation when someone views your website. So now we arrive at the big question: how do we design a site that will accommodate all device sizes and aspect orientations? The answer is by designing with fluid grid layouts.

Fluid Grid Layouts

Fluid grid layout designs allow your web page to be viewed effectively on all known devices. I can design a site for you that will provide relief to your viewers, whereby they will not have to use a combination of fingers and thumbs to expand and contract your web page, on their portable devices, in order to enlarge or reduce the text size. In essence, At Downstairs Loft Creative I will create a fluid layout that will automatically resize for ease of reading. Pretty cool, huh?

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Search Engine Optimization

Websites are just like looking at a book cover. Sometimes the content inside matches the cover, but sadly most often not. Yes, it's super-duper important to have a stellar looking website visually and graphically, but if form and function aren't in harmony to one another, your targeted customers will never find you in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Most people think having a kick-ass website name will surely put them up in the stratosphere of search engine rankings. Not so fast buddy. Great website names are only good for one thing...for your friends to reply "Wow, that domain name wasn't already taken?" Search engines couldn't care less what your domain name is. How'z that? It's quite simple. You see, search engine companies employ these ridiculously crazy-smart people who use to eat lunch by themselves, who now write these super complicated mathematical algorithmic programs that crawl through your website while you're sleeping. Their computers are looking for hundreds of structural integrities, elements and text within the HTML code that comprise your site and determines what should be indexed for search criteria and what should be given the ol' "see ya later." Remember, search engines see things far differently than us humans with eyes. Wanna know what a search engine sees? Right click on any web page and choose "View Source." Now you're looking at HTML code...and that's just on a single page! A simple website will easily have 15-20 hidden pages of code, all handshaking with each other, for the site to look and function properly.

Here's the skinny on S.E.O.; content (written text) is everything! If your company sells hand-carved birdseye maple pogo sticks in Looneyville, TX (yes, the town exists), you'd better make good use of those key words in your content and lay it on thick. Search engines are like prosecuting DA's; they love it when you squawk and the more information you spill, the sweeter the deal they'll cut ya!

High-Res Digital Imaging

food photography + cocktail photography + architectural photography + landscape photography + lifestyles photography

Responsive Web Design

creative web designs + mobile compatible + intuitive navigation + search engine optimization + site analytic reports + social media

Custom Vector Graphics

food & beverage menu design + brand logos + illustrations + custom fonts + menu marquee boards + check presenter collateral

2K & 4K Moving Pictures

hotel in-room advertising tv loops + 480i / 720p / 1080p youtube and social network videos + menu and service training videos